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    The best strategic partner for supplier in developing market.Supplier strategic alliance is the strategic cooperation relations reached by supplier and Chailease International and aims at providing financial leasing service for customers. It achieves the purpose of promoting sales by improving customer’s purchasing power and avoids unnecessary financial burden or risk caused by undertaking of mortgage on their own as well.
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    Rational usage of enterprise car rental, realizing optimization of resource allocation. Chailease International helps the clients to obtain accommodation of funds for paying vehicle and then the latter shall pay rent to Chailease with leasing model; meanwhile, the client also could raise funds (leaseback model) with self-owned vehicle to ease the financial pressure.
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    Avoid of accounts receivable risk and flexible use of business capitalTransfer the accounts receivable generated from sales contract signed by the buying party and the selling party of the product or service to the factor (Tianjin Chailease). Then Tianjin Chailease would provide the comprehensive financial services including trade financing, accounts receivable collection, credit risk controlling as well as undertaking credit risks of the buyer. In this way, it could turn accounts receivable into the cash and thus capital operation could be more flexible.
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